Heartwood Lumber Company

Located in the Prince Edward County area, we service the surrounding immediate areas. Further areas are also welcomed

Getting Started

Many years ago, it was nothing more than a dream to own a sawmill. Having grown up in the Gaspe Coast, where logging & bush work was a way to make a living. Remote & beautiful it wasn’t an easy lifestyle. That said what was learnt then is very relevant today.

Fast forward years later, running an excavating/tree planting, land clearing, & fencing company. Along with machining & manufacturing, and now getting into building with Timbers. We seen a need for a sawmill of our own. Thus brought forth an opportunity to provide a service for affordable lumber.

So in the early winter months of 2023, we sourced a sawmill and set out to start the Heartwood Lumber Company, welcome 2024!

Our Mission

We love to help others, if we can make a difference positively, with our product & for you to achieve your goals. Then that’s a win for us, It also helps to build on individual relationships with customers, see ideas & be involved in the community.

Rising to the challenge

We all have a part to play, if we are entrusted with your goal & project. Then we aim to please, it’s an opportunity to display our abilities, to learn & build connections. We are loyal, enthused, happy go lucky team of guys. We enjoy what we do, and love seeing a renewable material go from being harvested, to lumber, to your product, back to plantation and being harvest again. The “circle of life” as they say.
Todays Goals 

Currently we are doing custom orders or work. Reach out to us and see what possibilities we can do for you.

So “Let’s make sawdust”


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16 Taft Rd, Carrying Place, On, K0K1L0

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